COVID-19 update for new & existing brides
2020-03-20 11:56:26

COVID-19 update for new & existing brides

Hi lovely ladies!


We wanted to offer you peace of mind for all you beautiful brides-to-be. In this uncertain time in regards to the Coronavirus we are working with our suppliers and you to make sure the impact of COVID-19 is minimal as possible to your bridal orders. 

We wanted to give you all a little update in this stressful time, let's look at the silver lining together;

Thankfully our designers 'Mori Lee' and 'Justin Alexander' are very consistent with providing us with updates regarding COVID-19. As their retailer, we have been added to a 'close friends' section on their social media to get first hand updates which we can share with you brides in light of any serious changes. 

So far the updates from Mori Lee state:

1. We are operating very much 'business as usual' and our customer services team are in the office answering emails and calls

2. Our delivery times on new bridal orders are currently as normal, so please do not let this uncertainty stop you from placing new orders. 

So far the updates from Justin Alexander state:

1. Justin Alexander are trading as normal, every order will be checked and updated if there are any changes in the foreseeable future.

2. There will be in contact with us their retailer regularly and with any changes with regards to deliveries. 

3. We are set to see the new collections for both Mori Lee and Justin Alexander in June and then September for all 2021/2022 brides and new gowns. 

In short, we will keep of our customers updated with any changes. Existing brides do not need to worry as their orders are still in place and in progress with our designers. If under any major circumstance with the UK changes we will be in contact with you. We will be as transparent and consistent with keeping you updates.

* Just to highlight existing bridal orders WILL NOT be cancelled at any point by our designers and new orders will be taken AS NORMAL. For now, it is business as usual so please do not let anything worry you! 


We are here to support you, and make your bridal dreams a reality regardless of all of this Coronavirus uncertainty!


Thank you, and stay safe.


MiAmor xxx




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